"Life Mastery Radio" with Todd Alan

airs every Tuesday at 10:00 AM pacific time

Todd Alan


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Igniting the fire of his own Life Mastery, Todd Alan delivers thought provoking dialogue and insight, assisted by up and coming, as well as internationally known, guests. By sharing their wisdom from all facets of interest in Life Mastery; finding purpose, personal health, manifestation, and even love, they’ll help you master not only your life but those of the entire planet.  Todd Alan asks, “People of the Earth can you hear me?” and his only objective is to “ignite fires” in the minds of multitudes and witness the new gleam in their eyes. Listen in weekly as he pushes the alchemic envelope of self discovery.


Todd's Bio:

Dedicated to bringing thought-provoking ideas and lively conversation to his listeners, Todd Alan is a certified Life Mastery Consultant who lights the path for individuals seeking self-discovery, spiritual awareness, or simply an enlightening hour of talk radio.  “Our lives are all about connecting and relating,” says Todd. “I understand that in order for me to stay masterful at living a serene life, I must give away what I’ve learned.”  Through his commitment to service, he has experienced much success as a small business owner, consultant, and public speaker.  He is passionate about the science of dynamic alchemy and has been regarded as a modern day Wizard choosing every moment and every opportunity masterfully.



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