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Consciousness In Action

Meet The Team

CTR Co-Owner - Cameron Steele

Cameron Steele


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On Air Coach + International Radio Talk Show Host + Production Expert + Marketing Specialist + Networking Advisor + Social Media Expert 

Canadian born and raised, with a background in TV and Radio, Cameron saw the need for a medium that would bring information and resources to people that would improve their lives, assist in their personal & spiritual journeys and contribute to creating wholeness for the world. A true entrepreneur at heart, Cameron began forming the vision for CONTACT Talk Radio in 1996. Nominated as Strathmore’s Outstanding Professionals in the field of Media and Marketing, Cameron never ceases to share his knowledge and give all of himself for the purpose of facilitating change that starts from the inside and is realized in our world. All of that and the man is a gifted Psychic & Medium! In his spare time (what's that?)... actually, when he's not with his family or working his tushy off, he's: an avid golfer, fisherman, camper and loves being on the water.


CTR Co-Owner - Lucia Davindia Monetti Steele

Davindia Steele


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Business Coaching Consultant + Media Coaching Consultant + International Radio Talk Show Host +

Author + Editor + Vision Keeper


Nomadic in nature, but quite the practical woman, for over a decade, Davindia has focused her attentions on operations and the overall direction of the Contact Talk Radio Network. In the day to day, Davindia works directly with Contact Talk Radio's website, web content and marketing. Here are just a few things you'll find Davindia doing when she's not surfing sites and creating content:

spontaneous poetic ponderings, encouraging and empowering others, writing, listening to music, helping her kids hone their unique spiritual gifts, looking for the beauty in the day, cavorting with her friends and listening to the wind in the trees. She's in love her husband Cameron and their super cool kids!




Check out Davindia's book:

"Banishing the Boogieman: A Parents Survival Guide: Helping Your Children Through Nighttime Fear"

God the CTR Board of Directors


Board of Directors + Spark of All That' is Possible + Ultimate Collaborator + Titan of Transformation + Instigator of Awakening + Granter of Grace 

Let's call it what it is... we would be nowhere and nothing without God.


Call God what you will... the Universe, Source, All That Is, Father, Mother,

I Am. We just wouldn't feel right without mentioning the One who inspires us to be of service... to walk in kindness, and our truth. The One that inspires us to evolve and mature as we open to greater

self awareness.

Board of Directors

About Us

Purpose ~ Making a Difference in the World

CONTACT Talk Radio Network is a media platform that presents cutting edge information geared toward spirituality, health, environmental issues and activism; connecting listeners with tools that will assist them in making educated and empowered decisions for their lives and our world.


Vision ~ Connecting Community with Uncommon Ideas

We at the Contact Talk Radio Network have heard, and are a response to the public's many cries for connection, direction and meaning for their lives. Through strategic syndication, today the Contact Talk Radio Network is a highly successful radio station that reaches and assists millions of people in making positive and empowering choices for themselves and their community.


We invite you to join us on our quest of personal discovery; opening us to new possibilities of sustainable harmony through celebrating our similarities, and honor our differences without diminishing who we are or endangering our beliefs.



Our Story

The Contact Talk Radio Network was willed into existence through our listeners. No word of lie....

November 2001, Contact Talk Radio started out as a once a week terrestrial radio show hosted by it's creators, Cameron Steele and Lucia Davindia Steele. That one day per week was a late night Sunday spot broadcasted on a small terrestrial radio station that was branded a sports network. 

Cameron and Lucia received such positive feedback on their show from listeners, guests and sponsors, that the show evolved into a 5 day a week 2 hour per day program. They found themselves fielding so many calls from authors and educators who thought we were the station wanting to host their own show "on the Contact Talk Radio STATION" it was staggering. 

The CONTACT wave was making major ripples... after a year of broadcasting on that little FM station... they re-branded to ALTERNATIVE Talk Radio with little snippets of sports here and there. 

In March of 2005 it was time to take up the challenge of starting the Contact Talk Radio Network... pioneering as one of the very first truly intentional conscious talk radio internet station... and we did just that! 

We are honored and humbled by the Hosts who chose to broadcast on our station just as much as we are to the people who tune in to be empowered and uplifted. 

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