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Frequently Asked Questions
CTR Listeners


Need more information on ways to listen or having tech challenges? Check out the Listener FAQ. If your questions not there, email us!

CTR Hosts


Thinking about taking a leap in your business and really reaching people in a fun and interactive way? Check out the Host FAQ. 

CTR Guests


Are you a speaker or thought leader and want to be a guest on the CTR Network? Check out the Guest FAQ.

  • What kind of computer do I need to listen?
    Most any computer running either Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Mac OS X 10.5 (Leapard) or higher. You will also want to make sure you have Adobe Flash Player 9+ and Microsoft Silverlight player installed.
  • My friend doesn't have a computer or smart phone. How can she listen to live shows?
    Zeno Live gives us tols to help people connect to our live-stream even without the use of a computer or smart phone. Just dial +1.518.801.1143
  • Can I listen on my mobile device?
    Yes you can! Some mobile devices are able to stream using their built in media player; others require the use of a 3rd party app. Many stations also have their own Android/iPhone apps available. Here is a list of apps we recommend: TuneIn Radio (Live Broadcast): iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile Zeno Radio (Live Broadcast): For listeners without computer or smart phone access. Apple Podcast (podcast only): iPhone Stitcher (podcast only): iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile
  • Can I listen in my car?
    Yes. Not only can you go "old school" with an aux cord connecting your smart phone to your radio, or if your radio has Bluetooth® capabilities you can go hands free easily with CONTACT! Now the automotive industry is rolling out automobiles with the ability to sync to the web and/or your mobile device. is seamlessly integrated with the following systems: Acura: AcuraLink FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles): UConnect® Ford: SYNC® AppLink™ Honda: HondaLink Lexus: Enform App Suite Scion: BeSpoke Premium Audio Tesla Toyota: Entune® App Suite
  • Can I call into a show?
    Yes. If a show is broadcasting live you can call in to the station toll free at: +1.844.390.TALK (8255)
  • The status bar shows streaming but there's no sound.
    Below are a few ways to troubeshoot sound issues: Check your computer volume levels. Check the player volume level. Restart your computer. Make sure you have installed the lastes version of Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight player.
  • The stream keeps buffering.
    A stream will suffer when there is not enough available bandwidth to receive the stream data. This is usually caused by internet congestion within your area.
  • The player stopped working.
    This could indicate a few possible problems listed below: The station is down and not sending a stream to our network. There may be an internet routing problem in your area. There may be a firewall at your home or office blocking the stream.
  • A podcast won't play.
    The podcast either: The episode has not been loaded onto the server. The episode is a corrupted file. In either case, please email info@ctrnetwork to alert us of the problem
  • How do I view THE MAGAZINE?
    The magazine is a CTR Members Only publication. To login, simply use your Facebook or Google+ sign in, or create your own unique password by using your email address. If you use the social media option, a window will open. Simply follow the instructions. If you use your email, simply enter your email and a password you will remember. ++NOTE: we do not sell or trade email our members email addresses.
  • I tied accessing THE MAGAZINE but it redirected me to the home page.
    Yes it does. Then all you have to do is click on THE MAGAZINE again and you should have full access to all the amazing articles on our site! If you do not, please contact us and tell us what happened.
  • How do I become a Host?
    Call +1.425.221.3646 or send and email to We will discuss all of the options and nuances of Hosting a show on The Contact Talk Radio Network.
  • Is there a fee?
    There is an investment in hosting your own show on the CTR Network. The extent of the investment is determined by the package best suits your needs. The investion can be paid in full or a monthly payment can be offered. All packags are a minimum of a 6 month commitment. Call +1.425.221.3646 for ore information on the various packages offered.
  • Do I own my show and its contents?
  • How long is my show?
    56 minutes.
  • Where are your studios located?
    Bellevue, Washington.
  • Can I do my show from anywhere?
    Yes. All you need is a good land line phone or Skype.
  • Can I choose my own time?
    Yes. If that time is available. We also have packages for Podcasting only and time won't be factored in the same way.
  • Do I need special equipment?
    No, just a good land line telephone with a quality headset and a decent computer to use Skype.
  • How many listeners does CTR have?
    An overall count of about a million listeners a month between all the live shows and podcasts and archives. We track live listernes online wich average about 15,000 a day. Upon request we can track live listeneres to your show.
  • Ist there a fee for listeners?
    No. Streaing is completely free to those who want to listen.
  • How do people find out about my show?
    Through various marketing publications, social media outlets, in house commercials and any marketing you do outside of the station ourself. The CTR Network offeres in-depth media strategy sessions to help you maximize your exposure and message effectiveness.
  • Will I have live listeners?
    From the moment you go LIVE, the stage is set and an audience is present.
  • How many listeners can I have?
    CTR has unlimited bandwidth.
  • How do people listen to my show?
    Through the CTR website. Also:,, ZenoLive, Stitcher (podcast only), and Google Play.
  • Can I take live callers
    Yes. We have a toll free line for callers to call in on.
  • Will I know where my callers are coming from?
    Yes. Your producer with always ask where listeners are calling from.
  • Can I track who's listening?
    Yes (to a degree). We can track how many and from what country we also track how many LIVE listeners you have and how many subscribers you have.
  • What is the chatroom for?
    To connect and talk with your listeners and the board op for LIVE support.
  • I don't have my own website.
    Having your own website is a big part of promoting yourself with or without a radio show or podcast. But we do create a web page for you on our site and it is set up for social networking on Facebook and Twitter as well as many other social networks.
  • How do I update my Host Page?
    Your page will be created with only content that you provide. Your page is only launched with your final approval. If you want to make changes after final approval all you need to do is submit those changes to the CTR web master and the changes will be made in a timely fashion for you.
  • Can I have commercials?
    Yes. Your time is for promoting you, your guests, and your sponsors/advertisers. W do not play any commercials on your independe show unless you specify. YOU are in control of your show and ability to earn revenue from your show.
  • How do I get a copy of my shows?
    We will supply a like that you can download.
  • Do you archive my shows?
    Yes. When a link is provided for listeners to access on you Host Page, we also provide a link to your achives from our server for you to download. Strategies and safeguards are shared to optimize those links in your business.
  • How long do my archives stay on the CTR server?
  • Do you podcast?
    Yes. Your podcast is listen on iTunes, TuneIn, and Stitcher Radio and can be listened to in other podcast programs as well.
  • What if my guest can't make the time my show airs?
    You can set up a time to pre-record the show with your producer. (Note: additional fees may apply)
  • What if I need help with my show?
    We offer solid support on mutiple levels of your media and broadcasting experience with the CTR Network. Cameorn and Lucia guide and coach you through on air and off air media strategies to position you and your show in the best possible light. Also, we offere technical support live and recorded broadcasting of your show. Call Cameron Steele for more information on Broadcast Coaching +1.425.221.3646.
  • What is a Sponsor?
    Someone who buys ads from you to support your show and their business.
  • Will you help me find Sponsors?
    Yes. You will receive in depth support through your media strategy sessions that include "How to Find Sponsors" and much more.
  • Do you support my Sponsors?
    We will configure your page to add access to your sponsors to optimize their visibility.
  • How do I become a Guest on the CTR Network?
    The best way to place you with the perfect CTR Host would be for you to review our list of Hosts and determine who would be the best fit for your work and resonates with your message. Once you've done that, contact the Host directly. You may also send us an email at with your press release.
  • How do I call in for my interview?
    Once you've confirmed an interview with one of our HOsts, the Host will advise ou of all the technical requirments before your interview.
  • How long will my interview be?
    That depends on the agreement you make with the CTR Host that confirms an interview with you.
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