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"Sex is Medicine" with Devi Ward-Erickson

airs every 1st Thursday at 7 PM pacific time

Devi Ward-Erickson



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Join the sexual evolution and get ready for Sex IS Medicine!
Sex Is Medicine is your #1 resource for Holistic Sex Education.
Formerly known as Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward, Sex Is Medicine is a one hour Tantra podcast that explores the connection between sexuality and spirituality, pleasure and personal growth, and the impact those have on the health and wellness of your body, mind, and spirit!

Get answers to your questions about all things sexual and spiritual, and learn the most practical and effective tools for living a life of sensual fulfillment, happiness, and joy!

Join over 300,000 listeners and tune in to the #1 resource for holistic sex education.

Sex as Medicine Tantra Podcast airs LIVE every Thursday evening at 7 pm Pacific.












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About Devi ~

Devi Ward Erickson is an internationally recognized Tantric Healing Expert, ACS Certified Sexologist, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, and accomplished practitioner of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.
She is the author of several printed and ebooks, including “Shake Your Soul Song! A Woman’s Guide to Self Empowerment Through The Art of Self Pleasure”, “Tantra Is Medicine!" and “3 Tantric Secrets for Extraordinary Sex”.
Devi Ward Erickson has been teaching meditation and personal growth workshops since 2000. She was a monk of the Ishaya Order from 1999-2007 and has been a Tibetan Tantric Practitioner under the guidance of Lama Tashi Dundrup since 2008. She has been practicing and teaching Non-Violent communication as a personal growth practice since 2005.
An abuse survivor, Devi provides down-to-earth experience-based insight into using meditation, Tantra, and ‘pleasure as medicine’ for healing trauma. Her personal journey from Stripper- to Monk- to Tantrika enables her to call upon her own experience of profound life transformation through the Tibetan Five Element Teachings, Vajrayana Buddhism, and sexual healing.
Devi Ward Erickson has been featured as a Tantra Expert, Sex Coach, and Female Sexuality Expert in countless articles and over 30 different radio and television networks worldwide including Playboy Radio, Men’s Health Magazine, CBS, NBC, Rogers TV and the movie Sexology with Gabrielle Anwar and Catherine Oxenberg.
Devi has been a featured Tantra Expert and Keynote presenter at several live events, and was the Keynote speaker at Sex Down South in 2015, The Detroit Women’s Conference in 2014, The California Women’s Conference in 2014, The Vancouver Taboo Show, and The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat in Atlanta Georgia.
Devi Ward Erickson continues to be a featured Tantra Expert for numerous online summits.


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