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"ConsciousSHIFT" with Julie Ann Turner

airs every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 2:00 PM pacific time
CTR Host - Julie Ann Turner

Julie Ann Turner



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On Demand

See Julie Ann's rave-reviewed


(free to our listeners!)

Celebrating 980,000+ global ConsciousSHIFT-ers this month 

honoring all of YOU fellow Visionaries worldwide, as this 
ConsciousSHIFT movement continues to grow - to inspire 
and impact the world!


CONSCIOUSSHIFT with Julie Ann Turner brings insights 
from leading voices and visionaries across the globe … 
to guide and inspire you to create your own Conscious SHIFT 
into your true power and singular greatness.

Julie Ann's thought-provoking interviews with global Voices & Visionaries, including Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin, SARK, Steven Kotler,
Julia Cameron, Daniel Pink, Neale Donald Walsh, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynne McTaggart, Fred Alan Wolf, Daniel Pinchbeck, Marilyn Schlitz, Bruce Lipton, Dean Radin, Caroline Sutherland,
and many more!

We are in the midst of a Global Shift ...

We are crossing the threshold 
of a fundamental shift in our WorldView
which carries the potential 
to positively transform our lives 
beyond any shift we as humans
have ever before experienced.

Much more than a fad or a trend,
this creative shift of thought -
into our power as creators 
of our lives, work & world - 
is massive in scope and unlimited in potential -

It will alter all we know or believe we have known.

It has the power to change forever
the way we perceive - and CO-CREATE - 
the world ... and conceive of our future.

Julie Ann Turner
Exec. Producer & Host of ConsciousSHIFT, 
& CEO, 
ConsciousSHIFT.Me Creator/Author, 
GENESIS OF GENIUS (excerpt above from 

It is a phenomenal time to be alive on this planet.

More and more, people are awakening to their own 
creative power - and to the Conscious SHIFT that is unfolding 
across the globe, as we realize we are the only ones who can 
consciously choose to CREATE the world we wish to see.


CONSCIOUSSHIFT with Julie Ann Turner brings insights 
from leading voices  and visionaries across the globe … 
to guide and inspire you to create your own Conscious SHIFT 
into your true power and singular greatness.


for ALL these voices and views to be shared ... especially YOURS.

Join us!

We crossed the 980,000 global followers threshold this Summer - 
and we're SO HONORED to engage with all you ConsciousSHIFT-ers,
our fellow visionaries in this worldwide, co-creative, 
ConsciousSHIFT movement!


We're capturing and sharing 
the global ConsciousSHIFT Movement in Motion ...


    * engaging voices from across the globe, 
     to explore what Consciousness is ...

         * emerging views and scientific evidence
           about the power of the Mind ...

                 * what this Global SHIFT really means 
                   to our lives, our work - and our planet ...

                            and what part WE ALL PLAY in this evolution

Join us live EVERY 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 
at 2:00 p.m. Pacific/4:00 p.m. Central ...

here for an archived list of past shows.

Listen now to Julie Ann's thought-provoking interviews 
with global Voices & Visionaries, including Seth Godin, SARK,
Julia Cameron, Daniel Pink, Neale Donald Walsh, 
Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, 
Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynne McTaggart, Fred Alan Wolf, 
Daniel Pinchbeck, Marilyn Schlitz, Bruce Lipton, Dean Radin, Caroline Sutherland,
and many more!

Subscribe Now & Join your fellow ConsciousSHIFT-ers here!:

About Julie Ann Turner

Julie Ann Turner, CONSCIOUSSHIFT Show Host


Julie Ann Turner, Host/Executive Producer of the groundbreaking CONSCIOUSSHIFT Show, is CEO/Founder of ConsciousSHIFT.Me, is an expert in Strategic Planning and Innovation, and is one of the world's top authorities on the Creative Process. 


She is author of the International Bestseller "GENESIS OF GENIUS: Power Arc Your Potential for Greatness in Your Life, Work & World" - #3 Hot New Release in Creativity.  
Julie Ann is a recognized social innovator/entrepreneur, as Founder/Creator of the award-winning Orbits of Influence® Global Leadership Dialogue Initiative, which enables diverse thought leaders to engage and innovate around the pivotal issues and emerging ideas of our communities and world.  She also is an award-winning trainer, author, consultant, executive and life coach, speaker, and recognized community leader.


As CEO of ConsciousSHIFT.Me, Julie Ann - and the systems she shares - are the force behind both the career and community trajectories of executives and civic leaders and the career success and life contribution of dozens of executives and entrepreneurs who have used her innovative systems, steps and tools to craft successful lives and work - and even craft entirely new careers - on their own terms.


Every day, Julie Ann guides Thought-Leaders, World-Changers and Light-Shifters from across the globe to step into their unique gifts and Signature Genius - to shine their Singular Light, their Singular GREATNESS ... and to share their highest contribution with the world.

Enjoy Julie Ann's rave-reviewed "
SIGNATURE GENIUS WORKSHOP" (free to ConsciousSHIFT listeners - that's YOU!) - and shift into your highest power and potential now.











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Genesis of Genius
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