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Begin Again

Going Deep | Laughing Hard | Turning Blocks into Silver Linings
airs every Monday at 10:00 AM pacific time


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When life's roadblocks, detours and brick walls have landed squarely in your path and you think that giving up is your only option... think again! Cameron and Davindia, owners of the CTR Network are here to remind you that every situation has its own silver lining!


Call in with questions on your roadblocks, Cameron and Davindia will help you sort it out so you can Begin Again!



Cameron Steele

Cameron, a.k.a. "The Alchemist" - has been blessed with the gift of intuition helping individuals breakthrough their personal and professional blocks that keep them from moving forward.



Website: www.cameronsteele.com

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Davindia Steele

Davindia, a.k.a. "Vision Keeper." She looks at a situation and all of its angles and helps you navigate to your ultimate goal through defining and refining your vision... Davindia can help you see beyond the shut doors to that open window opportunity.  

Rest assured... she will always find the silver lining.



Website: www.davindiasteele.com


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Cameron Steele & Davindia Steele