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"Always Becoming Podcast"
Hosted by Lynne Santiago & Roene Zolher

CTR Podcast Exclusive!

Roene Zolher & Dr. Lynne Santiago



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What do you think?   

Are you Always Becoming? 

How would you finish this statement:  “I AM . . . “ 


Are you a product of ‘nurture’ or ‘nature’? 

Or, do you believe you are a “spiritual being having a human experience”? 

Do you believe in a innate, natural drive to always be growing, toward self-actualization?  


Do you have both a “real Self” and a “false Self”, or even multiple Selves? 


Or, one Self, mostly, if not solely, a product of genes, heredity, and DNA? 


Since a young child, I have had an interest in Psychology – which translates to Study of the Soul, but tends to refer to “personality”.  My quest for knowledge in understanding the “I” in “I AM” is as strong as ever.   And, I’m not the only one! 


For centuries philosophers, theologians, mythologist, spiritual teachers, along with psychologists, have been on a quest for knowledge of Self, in search of the answers to: “Who Am I?” and “Are we Always Becoming?” 


Join Dr. Lynne & Roene and their guests as they explore these two questions.  And be inspired by the personal Becoming stories told by guests who share the risks and the challenges, the successes and the letdowns, the joys and the heartaches they experienced while on their own Becoming journey.  

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