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"Yes, And..."

with Jennifer Whitacre
airs live every Wednesday at 9:00 AM pacific time

Jennifer Whitacre

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Yes, And… with Jennifer Whitacre, Empowerment Strategist and trauma specialist, discusses topics like trauma, shame, guilt, failures, breakdowns, healing, and struggle to diminish their power. Her guests have overcome life’s adversities, emerging stronger and more empowered than ever. They turned less into a lesson and created a message from the mess. Now, they’re here to share their wisdom and inspire you to keep moving forward so you can do the same in your life.


Why the name, Yes, And…?

This question comes up often!  


There are three main reasons I chose the name Yes, And… for my show.


Yes, I have taken Improv classes.  The Yes, And... exercise teaches students to add value to a scenario without taking anything away.  This exercise requires participants to cooperate in creative ways.  The rule is to accept the previous person’s ideas and build upon them.  This is important so a live skit doesn't fade out before it has a chance to begin.  That’s what a “Yes, but…” or a “No” will do to a scenario.

That leads me into reason #2.  Yes, And… takes defensiveness and competition out of a conversation.  For example, let’s say you believe you’ve just made a valuable point in a conversation with your boss.  If his response begins with the words, “Yes, but…,” he’s invalidated what you just said and implied what he’s about to say is more important.  It creates a subtle level of defensiveness that leads to a contest on who will win the conversation.  Yes, And… is the antidote to that defensiveness!

Finally, I’m a firm believer in And Consciousness.  In Buddhism, the middle way teaches us to avoid extremes.  And Consciousness is both the opposite and the acceptance of the middle way.   Oscar Wilde said it best: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  And Consciousness is not about avoiding or denying extremes; it’s about expanding one’s own consciousness to make room for the acceptance of both.  It’s acceptance of conflicting truths that exist simultaneously.  It’s acceptance of duality, paradox, contradictions, and the extremes that exist and thrive in our world. And Consciousness leads to curiosity, understanding, and compassion, which happen to be the antidotes to shame, fear, and judgment.

It’s my deepest hope that the name of the show, Yes, And..., will serve as a gentle reminder of these concepts, all of which guide us along our path of personal growth toward self-actualization.                



The “Yes, And…” Podcast is not diagnosis, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling, and is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Listening to “Yes, And …” does not form a client or business relationship of any kind with Jennifer Whitacre, LLC, or Jennifer L. Gardner, Empowerment Strategist. Neither Jennifer Whitacre, LLC nor Jennifer L. Gardner, empowerment Strategist are a psychotherapist or counselor.