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What Now, Now What? with Zen Cryar DeBrücke

airs LIVE every Thursday at 10:00 AM PST

Zen Cryar DeBrücke


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Show Broadcasts Live on Thursday's

1PM ET | 12 PM CT | 10 AM PT

What Now? Now What? Radio


These days it seems every other hour a new thing is happening and it threatens our very freedom, quality of life or access to joy instead of fear. It may be in your personal life: finances, heath, family, or just everyday challenges like car trouble and furnaces breaking. Or it may be with the world at large: supply chain issues, viruses and vaccines, climate concerns, retirement and stock market, and let’s not forget the possibly of Nuclear war.


What do you do with the “What Now’s?” in your life? How do you stay positive and optimistic without feeling like you are faking it? How will you answer the question “Now What?” powerfully?


Join in on the conversation as Zen Cryar DeBrücke helps people look at what is happening in a completely new way. Helping callers to source discernment and wisdom in a revolutionary way. Solving the latest challenges they face in their lives while creating a new practical and grounding direction to move in.


If you can barely take it anymore. If no one seems to be able to help you make sense of what is happening around you. If you fear you cannot express yourself out of fear or an argument, this beautiful hour is for you.

About Zen...


Over the course of 11 years from 1987 to 1998, Zen Cryar DeBrucke, formerly a high school dropout, built a tech company of 45 employees in the Bay Area that was skyrocketing, doing business with Fortune 500 companies and global conglomerates. And then came the dot-com bust. And while all of her friends, colleagues and associates were frantic as their businesses collapsed under them, Zen stayed well, Zen…her company was cratering too, but she was able to reconfigure her thinking to easily stay peaceful, even happy, sanguine.

They all wanted to know why…


It’s because she had discovered something so profound -- and perfected it over the years to the point that this discovery drove her company’s success! It was how to navigate all her thoughts, emotions and actions using an Internal Guidance System (IGS) -- bodily clues that enabled her to identify and shift the beliefs and old programs that were false, disempowering and limiting—the “closings” as she calls them are signals that your thinking is off base. By tapping into the consistent ability to “feel into” and refocus on the “opening” thoughts, she could find the thinking that easily attracted the synchronicities and -- as she said ” the magic” -- that fueled her massive success and joy!


Even more importantly, she discovered that these opening were reprogramming the neural pathways of her mind. That fear: stress, worry, overwhelm, guilt, procrastination, frustration, irritation, doubt and misery are simply signals to pivot your thoughts. So that by using ones IGS you are creating a brain that is getting healthier and healthier daily. 23 years later, she experiences openings that lead her to more and more happiness and success.


Here’s the best part… anyone can learn to live completely fear free, too.


Zen Cryar DeBrucke, a member of the illustrious Transformation Leadership Council, has worked with over 40,000 people to teach them how to listen to, respond to and honor their IGS, including training 4,000 master students. And now her online Smart Soul Academy is coming forward to encapsulate 30 years of teachings, resulting in 16 different trainings, into one accountability system that goes deep into the simple, short, yet profound life-changing practices that enable you to master the use of the IGS. This inexpensive membership academy is creating a smash worldwide, making this information accessible to millions. 


What have people experienced under Zen’s guidance?  Broken families reuniting, relationships mended, huge fears overcome, trauma released, addictions left behind, body transformations. One woman went from abhorring the thought of appearing on a danced floor to becoming a highly successful multi-titled national championship ballroom dancer!


Zen’s own story is just as transformative. A child from a home of physical and verbal abuse, ugly divorce and emotional abandonment, she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of someone outside the family. Seeking to flee from the chaos, she sought and secured emancipation at 16, and shortly thereafter, she dropped out of high school to support herself though a sequence of jobs. And then a friend introduced her to a cassette tape of Abraham Hicks, Zen’s introduction to the Internal Guidance System and the Law of Attraction. One simple line about humans having an Internal Guidance System launched her into a lifetime of study, trial and error, and intuitive investigation that resulted in the incredibly effective, flawless method she teaches today. And by, the way, it cleared all of rage and trauma from her past that had been stifling her growth and success.


What Smart Soul Academy instills in us says Zen is that ”We are not our thoughts.”—that while there is years of childhood-established programming inside our heads and bodies, we can program it OURSELVES—and new neuropath ways forged . Neuropath ways that never allow stress or false beliefs to take hold. Your body will signal an “opening” that releases the tension (closing) and allows you to tap into a higher flow state which is in alignment with the power of creation and your divine purpose. It’s for you to seek that opening within your body that gives the IGS such power and impact.


For more information, visit and


What they are saying…


Every once in a while a new teacher emerges, showing us a fresh way of looking at ourselves that can be truly transformational. With your Inner GPS Zen Cryar DeBrucke proves herself to be one of those teachers. She offers us a unique perspective and powerful tools that can change our lives.

-Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


I use the Internal Guidance System regularly in my life. It is a huge advancement in giving you the ability to create your highest potential by leading you moment to moment toward success and fulfillment.

-Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series®”


Zen Cryar DeBrucke has created a masterpiece that explains your inner guidance and how to work with it to get the best results in your life. The trainings and techniques are definitely a must-do to understand your inner self better, to be happier, and to enjoy your life more.

-Marie Diamond, best-selling author of The Energy Number Book


Zen Cryar DeBrucke provides a simple but powerful guidebook on how to use your own innate inner wisdom. This system, which you already have inside you, will transform anxiety, worry, and fear into confidence and joy. Her trainings are filled with examples and exercises that quickly teach you how to follow your inner GPS daily. The exercises will increase your confidence in making the right choices. Be prepared for success to materialize in all areas of your life.

-Raymond Aaron, bestselling author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love


These skills so warmly explored by the heart-master Zen Cryar DeBrucke will deleted center your life as you navigate all kinds of compelling choices, daily chaos, and the unexpected that always drops in at the least fortuitous moment. In short, life as most of us know it can be buoyed by ongoing discovery and the clarity of this body intelligence that wakes up our inner wisdom and makes it both practical and profound. DeBrucke is the best friend/mentor to guide you in making sense of your inner landscape.

-Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, bestselling coauthor of Conscious Loving and Conscious Loving Ever After


For many years, I have known and personally witnessed Zen's authentic spirit and absolute dedication to empowering others. As you will discover, she is a clear and astute guide in the realm of subtle energy. She will be your grounded, clear, and competent ally in moving from resistance and confusion to joyful curiosity and clear inner direction. You can follow her direction with confidence as you rediscover what it is to live a satisfying life on your terms.

-Sonia Choquette author of Ask Your Guides


Now more than ever, a planet in crisis needs humans who are willing and able to open up to, receive, and take inspired action on instructions from the unseen realms. As human consciousness evolves, many are courageous and willing, but few know how to tune in to and interpret spiritual guidance. Ready to let the Divine take the lead in your life and to surrender yourself to being used as a secret agent of sacred service? If you’re brave enough to say yes, get ready for magic, synchronicities, better health, more intimate relationships, a sense of meaning and purpose, and the deep fulfillment of knowing you are being used as a miracle worker on a planet where your love is much needed.

-Lissa Rankin MD, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute and New York Times-bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine and The Anatomy of a Calling


In a world overpopulated by pundits, Zen Cryar DeBrucke is a breath of fresh air. This work guides you to a profound sense of self and self-trust. The excercises provide a set of practices for inner peace and a flight plan to freedom beyond the shackles of self-doubt.

-Stewart Emery, speaker, consultant, and internationally bestselling author of Actualizations


Those ready to tap into their unlimited wisdom and supernatural powers can immediately put this work to use.

-Mike Dooley, New York Times–bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and Leveraging the Universe


13 Incredible programs
that will teach you how to master using your Internal Guidance System in
every area of your life.
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