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Shelly Marie



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New episodes of The Shelly Marie Show Podcast are Available

Wednesdays & Fridays

How to get clarity fast during times of transition with the help of the angelic realms and everything you need to know about angels is here on The Shelly Marie show. 


Shelly will also inspire you live a more spiritual, fun, and happier life by combining ancient healing practices with modern-day life 

Shelly Marie, is an internationally known angelic medium with over 20 years of experience, who keeps it real by modeling a super spiritual life, filled with laughter and happiness mixed with just enough badass to push through tough moments. She is known for sharing real-life hardships and how to get through them. While sharing her private lifestyle is inspiring, it's definitely unique but simple.

Shelly had to become fearless in the face of uncertainty during many unexpected life events but, one event shocked her and broke her heart wide open. It was then that the angels guided her to fully become her unique self without the fear of what other people thought. The Archangels guided her through a transformation that lasted three years. That transformation built the courage to stop looking in all the wrong places and in all the wrong people for what society viewed as a successful life. 


Shelly Marie will show you how to rock ancient healing practices in everyday life so you can move through life's tough situations with a little more grace. She will help you contact your angelic team and develop your intuition so you can trust what your soul is guiding you to do.


Shelly Marie has helped thousands of people navigate grief, loss, and unexpected change through her inspiring messages from the angels and loved ones on the other side. She is a master healer with extensive knowledge of the auric field, angels, and overall wellness. She is a guided visualization expert and will help you unlock your potential for healing and manifesting.


Expect usable tools for contacting your angels along with real-life moments of inspiration while discovering your souls ability to manifest more happiness in your life. Here, you will also find channeled angel messages and learn about the archangels and how to invoke them in everyday life. 


Shelly Marie still does one on one sessions and is the creator of the fearless angel candle line. Go to her website www.shellymarie.net to book your session or order one of her handmade candles.