"Reality Crafting" with Suzanna Kennedy

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Suzanna Kennedy

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Reality Crafting with Suzanna is your #1 resource for creating your version of Paradise on Earth. This podcast explores the link between thoughts and beliefs, emotions and behaviors and the impact they have on your health, wealth, love and spiritual connection.


Every episode is dedicated to awakening your true purpose and power of your human creativity. Get answers to your questions about what’s hidden in your subconscious mind that’s causing resistance to what your heart and soul desires.


Discover the art and science of Reality Crafting and reclaim your birthright to more joy, more love and more fulfillment in every area of your life.


About Suzanna Kennedy

Author, Speaker, Empowerment Leader, Creatress, Spiritual Midwife

  • Recognized as one of the top New Thought Leaders in the world

  • Known as the Graceful Transformation Expert

  • Author of Sacred Union: Pathway to Paradise

  • Creator of the Reality Crafting System

  • Frequent guest speaker on the topics of conscious evolution, energy medicine, healing, relationship and transformation

  • Visionary and reality architect offering a grounded, systematic approach to moving through accelerated change with grace and ease.

  • Guide to thousands of people on their Pathway To Paradise in the past 20 years

Suzanna’s Reality Crafting System™ is a systematic, step-by-step transformational process that will reprogram your mind and body so you will finally be able to express your True Divine Self and Soul Purpose.

  1. Purge limiting self-identity program and transmute unresolved emotional energy

  2. Reprogram your body, mind and heart to embody and express your True Divine Self

  3. Consciously craft your reality to express your Personal Paradise

  4. Express your soul gifts and fulfill your divine purpose


Find out more at SuzannaKennedy.com


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