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Puya Ghandian



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CTR Podcast Exclusive

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Welcome and thank you for listening to The Success Mindset with Puya Ghandian Podcast. Here you will get to hear all the different pieces of wisdom and knowledge that I've accumulated and applied in my own life to achieve levels of success I could have only dreamed about! Covering THE WHOLE YOU will become a new practice of yours after going on this journey with me. I do my best to share all the experiences I have had and things I have learned from some of the most brilliant and successful minds on the planet. I will use my experience as a former Real Results coach for the Tony Robbins organization and as the #1 Income Earner within my direct sales company to help you grow and reach your goals. I have recently earned a prestigious spot in the direct sales industry's global Hall of Fame while also achieving a business milestone of doing over one billion dollars in team sales! From time to time, we will be blessed by hearing from other individuals who have achieved extraordinary accomplishments in their own lives. I'll do my best to extract from them the core philosophies they operate by. Like yourself, my goal is to always continue GROWING!