"Spirit Chat"

with Medium/Healer Debra Martin & Cohost Spiritual Director Valerie
CTR Podcast Exclusive!
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Debra Martin & Cohost: Valerie

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"Spirt Chat" with Debra Martin and Valerie was Spirit developed. After many of Debra’s healing and reading sessions, Debra shared what transpired with Valerie which led to deep conversations and many aha moments. They often said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could share this knowledge?". One morning in prayer Debra asked God to guide her with her work and to open the right doors. When she went to her office she found an email from the CTR Network.  Debra trusted this was Divine guidance and the rest is history. 


In each podcast, we will share our knowledge learned from Spirit making it educational, experiential and transformational. Along with tips and tools you may apply in your daily lives, you will hear uplifting conversations, as well as personal experiences, and profound true stories of hope and healing. Each podcast will end with a mini healing of light and love for every listener. We are grateful for the opportunity to share with everyone who tunes in. 

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About Debra: 


Debra Martin is a Renowned Intuitive Healer, International Research Lab Certified Medium and a successful Author of five Nonfiction books; “Doctor’s, Faith and Courage”, “Proof of Miracles”, “Soul to Soul”, and co-author of “Direct Connect to God” and one children’s book; “Me and My Angels”.


Debra had her third near-death experience on 1-21-12 when she had an out of body experience. From this experience, Debra’s mediumship abilities became heightened and she was given the ability and gift to

heal. She has developed a healing technique which is not being done anywhere else in the world. 


Debra is currently a Certified Lab Research Medium with the Windbridge Research Center where she participated in afterlife research performed by Windbridge Director of Research, Dr. Julie Beischel, Debra’s connection with Spirit along with working with the FBI and media has helped solve murder cases, as well as missing people cases. One of these cases received international attention and was featured in 2015 on the cover story for 

Psychic News Magazine. Debra has been featured in national media including two A & E’s documentaries. She is a mother of four, a motivational speaker, mentor, guest speaker on many radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

About Cohost Valerie: 


For decades Valerie worked as a spiritual director, and in the last two years as an intuitive artist. Debra met Valerie through her client in spirit, Brenda Baker. Today Debra is grateful and feels blessed to have Valerie as her assistant, but she is far more than this. She was Debra’s rock during the most difficult times in her life. They have become more than co-workers, they have become family. 

SOLACE a Gathering Place

Come meet Debra and Valerie in Chicago! Debra will be speaking at the Solace Center and for the first time hosting an in -person group healing session. This spectacular two day event will be held on September 25th & 26th, 2020. This event of Hope and Healing is limited to 44 participants. Purchase your tickets today at www.goldenmiracles.com

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