"Rae of Light Podcast" with Emily Rae

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Emily Rae

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Emily Rae reflects on a variety of holistic wellness topics to inspire and to empower the listener to achieve their own optimal health physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Podcasts can cover everything from nutrition and essential oils to dreams and spirituality. Emily Rae, guided by her Spirit, focuses on spiritual enlightenment and raising vibrations towards joy, peace, and love. She reminds us all that our light is found within.

This podcast is hosted by Emily Rae, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) and an innate truth seeker since birth. Emily aspires to achieve higher states of consciousness while living not only for herself but also for the good of humanity. This podcast is ideal for anyone who desires sparks of inspiration, magical transformations, and mind-opening conversations!


Meet Your Host of Rae of Light Podcast

About Emily Rae

Emily Rae is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach here to help you remember that everything you need can be found within you. In fact, it is your birthright to access all that you are. It is her mission to inspire you to connect with your highest self and to empower you to create a life you will love. It is an honor for Emily Rae to assist you in your transformational and magical journey.

To learn more about Emily Rae, visit her website www.raeoflight.com


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