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The Podcast Exclusive! 


If you've been looking at podcasting as an option to get your message out to the masses, then you are well aware there's more to podcasting than recording a conversation and uploading it to Facebook. There's on air and off air production, editing, syndication and all the technical hoops plus more that you have to go through when sharing a quality podcast with your audience. 


That's where we come in!


We don't just record and publish your show, we handle all the technical in's and out's that go with having a quality podcast so you can focus on your guests and marketing. We make sure the rest is done! We set you up and take care of all the logistics in customer care that come up for you as a podcaster such as:


  • Episodic mislabel by podcatchers (yes it happens)

  • Episode misplay by podcatchers (yes it happens)

  • Updating your Branding... you submit to us once... we make sure all podcatchers are notified!

  • and much more!


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The Podcast Package



Podcasted: Through and Internationally Syndicated through RSS feed

                     to all web portals (or news aggregators)


Distributed: Online at iTunes, GooglePlay, TuneIn, and Stitcher 


Start Date: 4 weeks after entering agreement.

What’s Included:

  • We help you pre-record up to 4 podcasting block per month (any length up to 56 min.)

  • Syndication to all major podcast distributors (iTunes, iHeart, Spotify, GooglePlay, TuneIn, and Stitcher)

  • 3 On Air Host training (1hr each)

  • CTR Host Web Page

  • Professional production of show,

  • Professional production of into & outro

  • Event Listings

  • Continued Technical Client Care

  • Carefully crafted materials to help you keep your show on track.


Contact Talk Radio is not just your everyday radio station where they give you the mic and you sink or swim. The owners of Contact Talk Radio are committed to your success and have put together a comprehensive training intensive complete with templates, scripts and things you never thought you would need for a successful show so you don't have to struggle. And for the seasoned Host that's simply looking for a new home for your show, Cameron and Davindia have will help you refine your message for greater impact and help you with blocks that are keeping you from reaching your next level!


Call +1.425.221.3646 or email NOW!

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