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"Mindset Mastery"
 Hosted by George Wrighster

CTR Podcast Exclusive!

George Wrighster

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What George does is raise the bar of people by helping them tap into their potential see the best part of themselves. When you understand we all are going to encounter challenges in life, but if we can learn to compartmentalize those events and use Self-Mastery principles, we can accomplish anything.


#1 Best Selling Author of one of the most important, highlighted, (historical) books that’s ever written in the Sport of Baseball.  For 15yrs George was one of Nike’s and Adidas’s selected coaches for basketball. George was selected to travel to Asia to work with the Chinese Women’s and Men’s in basketball going to 8 different proveniences.  


George is a recognized co-parent/parent instructor by the City of Los Angeles 

George is recognized by the Courts of Los Angeles County Cultural Broker and Father Strong advocate to help families navigate to bring a positive outcome to reunite families. George’s speaking career includes inspiring and motivating youth through accredited organizations. George has been a selected speaker to inspire inner personal growth and inspire people of youth.

George is a highly recognized coach and facilitator in select high level basketball programs and have thoroughly enjoyed doing that for 20 years.

George is an author of a book that surrounds itself with using and understanding Self-Mastery techniques.

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