"Life Enhancement Medicine"

with Dr. Kevin Wallace & Dr. Zahara Sundermeyer
CTR Podcast Exclusive

Dr. Kevin Wallace

Dr. Zahara Sundermeyer


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With the health of the individual in mind, Life Enhancement Medicine opens up the ideas that you can optimize your health using safe and effective treatments that enhance your body’s own recuperative processes. Life Enhancement Medicine (LEM) hour will explore the foundations of health and as well go through the approaches that those trained in regenerative medicine use to restore one’s vitality for life.  The aging process no longer has to limit our ability to live life to our fullest potential.


Dr. Wallace and Dr. Sundermeyer are Naturopathic Medical Physicians and owners of Infusion Health IV Lounge and Life Enhancement Center in Tucson Arizona.  They as well consult online using telemedicine to reach those that seek a better form of medicine. The physicians believe deeply in the client taking control of their health and this goal is achieved by creating relationships where trust takes precedence.  


Dr. Wallace and Dr. Sundermeyer are graduates of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Both physicians continue their education in the realm of functional and regenerative medicine and are never stagnant in their approach to optimizing the health of their clients.  The physicians are continuing to grow their practice and are in process of creating a consulting business where they bring the concepts of Life Enhancement Medicine to those clinics that want to transition away from sick care medicine.