"Life by Divine" with Sue Dumais

airs every Tuesday at 9:00 AM pacific time

Sue Dumais

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Humanity is at a pivotal choice point and we are deeply feeling 
this global shift – a non-negotiable, and necessary, call to change 
what is no longer working, so we may evolve as a species. 


The world doesn’t need us to fit in, 

it needs each one of us to Stand UP,

Stand OUT, and Stand STRONG.


Hope for humanity lies in our willingness 

to embody our heart YES, answer the call for love 

and live our Life by Divine.


The truth is, most people are living at one of these levels of consciousness:
   * Life by Default – living unconsciously, 
      unaware of their power to create and of the impact 
      their choices have on others and our planet; or 
             * Life by Design – more aware of their power to use their mind 
             in a more positive way and often co-creating with their heart, 
             but they are still leading with their head.


This show, this Heart Led Living community, this movement - 
is a call to all of us to evolve to living Life by Divine – 
with each of us choosing to live with full awareness 
and surrendering to allow your heart to take the lead 

in every moment.


So, how do we navigate this SHIFT that is occurring on our planet? 


How can we meet the fear, judgment, hatred, anger, and violence - without fighting against it and adding more fear?


Join Sue Dumais each week as she shares unique perspectives and radical ideas to navigate this global SHIFT.


Life by Divine offers raw, open and honest conversations with global visionaries, conscious souls and other voices of HOPE and inspiration – and invites you in, to embody your Heart YES and enliven your soul as you discover how to live your own Life by Divine


About Your Host


Sue Dumais is a Global Impact Visionary Leader answering the call to heal the world. She is a best-selling author, an international speaker, a divine leader of light leaders, a sacred guide, a gifted intuitive healer, a miracle weaver and a global voice of HOPE and inspiration for the Heart YES Movement."


Sue brings the gift of insight, awareness, and self-empowerment creating a shift in consciousness from head to heart. She blends her intuitive gifts, soul mind body approach and her authentic story-telling to provide a transformational experience like no other.


Sue also established the Heart Led Living Foundation which provides empowerment through emotional and financial support for women and girls in Kenya.

Sue has been trained and mentored by Les Brown, one of the top 5 speakers in the world, and she has spoken in front of audiences 10,000 strong with unshakeable confidence.


Sue has been honoured to share the stage with Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dennis Waitely, Marianne Williamson, and Les Brown. In 2014 she received the WOW Spirit Success and Soul award at the 10th Annual Women of Worth Conference.


A true pioneer in the field of fertility, Sue developed the first Fitness Fertility Certification and an international Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course and authored A Strong Core for Life and the Yoga for Fertility Handbook

Life by Divine with Sue Dumais hit several

International TOP 100 Charts on iTunes for Spirituality

within the first 6 months of launching!

Sue's unique approach fosters deep healing and profound awakenings as she guides others to hear, answer, and trust the highest calling in their heart. Sue is passionate about illuminating the path for others as they discover, embrace and embody their true heart YES!


To learn more about Sue Dumais, Heart Led Living and our Heart YES Movement visit www.heartledliving.com 

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