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"Good Vibrations   " with Jack Alexander 


airs Live every Wedneday at 11:00 AM pacific time

Jack Alexander


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The Good Vibrations™️ PodCast is a weekly metaphysical journey where we will be exploring personal vibrations and identifying current planetary influences and energies as related to the Atlantan Oracle. The last part of the show includes a group meditation with seven crystal singing bowls, clearing negative energies from listeners chakras (energy centers)

Jack Alexanders Story:


My spiritual Journey began while I was working through my seventeenth year with Southwest Airlines at the ripe age of fifty one.  I was volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto, serving dinner to the families there. When I left, I was sitting in my car at a stop light with traffic in front of me; And a voice inside my head said, “MOVE TO THE RIGHT”.  Move to the right? I disregarded this and ten seconds later I was hit from behind at thirty miles per hour, totaling my car.

It felt like a knife going through my back.  It took me almost nine months of physical therapy to get back to a somewhat normal state. I suffer to this day with back pain.  But really looking back it was actually a blessing. I wasn’t critically injured, and I was warned of the impending doom.  


Nine months later I had my kids in the car and I was waiting to make a left hand turn onto the freeway next to a center meridian when again the voice inside my head said, “MOVE TO THE RIGHT”.  You know I moved to the right this time and ten seconds later a car from the opposite direction came out of control and flipped over the meridian upside down right where we were.   I knew then I was most certainly blessed and I had a gift.  Turns out my Birth Card is the Ace of Clubs, The Desire for Knowledge Card and my Planetary Ruling Card is the Queen of Clubs, The Mother of Intuition Card.  I am so blessed to have this gift of intuition, knowing before something actually happens.  I just have to listen.
The year was coming to an end in 2012 when I decided to make a pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona to participate in a worldwide meditation of Peace and Love for Mother Earth. The thought crossed my
If the world was going to end; I wanted a Front Row Seat.  It was on that very day that the Mayan Calendar was set to end on the evening of the 21st of December that I learned to connect to Universal Love through the alignment of my 7 chakras.  

My aura changed as I felt a shift within myself, receiving a warm love pouring into every part of my body. 

I had a picture taken of it and asked why the light was only coming out of one side of my head.  I was then asked if I had just started meditation to which I replied, yes I had. It was then explained to me: The left side of one’s aura represents our past and this made sense as I had just begun my Spiritual Journey.

There was amazing energy here as there are 7 vortex locations in this area.  I took my Siberian Husky Tiko to have another means of examining this Unusual Energy.  Tiko immediately leaving the car was unsettled by something I couldn't see.  He gradually adjusted and was able to go with us and our guide to experience these amazing energies.

The guide stopped us on the trail and threw her arms up into the air and said, do you feel it? The Vortex Energy is passing right through us.  It was just then Tiko flipped over on his back and began to spin, loving every bit of this energy.

Sedona is the Land of the Hopi, who are the most spiritual of all Native American Cultures.  My meditations increased to 20 minutes every night and 60 minutes every morning.  I now help clients understand their current influences providing them with a road map, allowing them to take advantage of prosperous times and navigating those challenging times.
I use Kirlian photography to show clients their blocked chakras.  Then using the vibrations from tuning forks and crystal singing bowls; I am able to clear those negative energies from their blocked chakras and biofield (aura).  We actually hold emotional trauma in our biofield.  The tuning fork changes pitch at the moment you reach that negative trauma; the body realizes there’s something wrong with that energy then goes out grabs that energy bringing it back into the core, thus removing the emotional trauma.