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"Radical Responsibility Podcast" with Fleet Maull

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Fleet Maull, Ph.D.

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Radical Responsibility involves the voluntary choice to embrace 100% responsibility or ownership for each and every circumstance we face in our lives, day in and day out. A key distinction is the difference between ownership and blame. Radical Responsibility has absolutely nothing to do with blaming others or oneself and certainly nothing to do with blaming victims. Radical Responsibility is actually an approach to radical self-empowerment and radical collective empower. It focuses on finding the most creative and mutually beneficial, win/win strategies for meeting our individual and collective needs and finding solutions that effectively address our everyday individual and collective challenges.


The Radical Responsibility Podcast will explore the integration of both personal responsibility and collective responsibility with a wide range of authors and thought leaders from all sectors of society.


For more background on Radical Responsibility, the approach to radical self and collective empowerment developed by Fleet Maull Ph.D., please visit:


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