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Dipal Shah


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How can you become one with the universal flow of energy when you have been conditioned to dis-ease? As humans we tend to let our minds do one thing and the body do the other.  We are driven by the flow of our environment rather than living in the flow of our own power. Re-connect and alleviate the dis-ease and discomforts of the mind, body and soul with Dipal Shah and transform every cell of your being. 


Join Medical Intuit and Master Healer, Dipal Shah for this radio show to learn how to use energy to your advantage to manifest greater health and overall wellbeing.  Everything is energy and you are the creator of your own health and life.  Unleash your true potential to heal your relationships, finances, and health. as Dipal takes you on a journey to healing all aspects of YOU and watch the shifts in your life happening to you. Detach from your fake perception and step into reality of all that is. 



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